Help / How to Respond - car already registered to someone

Negotiating a new lease on a Honda Accord Sport

Dealer came back and said: It’s brand new, but was previously registered to someone, but not sold because their financing didn’t go through. It has about 130 miles on it. Will still have new car factory warranty and new car programs.

It has 130 miles bc someone drove it off the lot and had it for 2 days and had to give it back bc financing didn’t go through.

I’ve never encountered this situation. What is the downfall of this? What should I be concerned with? Anything I can use to my advantage on this? Advice on how to respond will be helpful.

Number are as follows:
MSRP: $27,110
Sales Price: $22,610
Factory discount: $1200
Loyalty: $750
Discount: 17%
MF: .00087
Residual: 55%
$0 cap cost
$800 taxes / fees
Monthly Payment: $281

Thanks for the help in advance!

I’d treat it like a demo and look for a better discount than what youd get on a new car.

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What does that look like? Never negotiated on a demo so I’m not sure what standard discounts etc are on those.

Ps updated the figures.

Well, where I’d start is by going to Edmunds and getting RV/MF/incentives and basically price out what you’d expect for a new one based in other deals on here. Then, I’d add a few percent pre-incentive discount.

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Basically a dealer unwind. So there won’t be any additional rebates etc but the dealer will probably help a few hundred more to move it.

Thank you!

Thanks for the direction!