Help her out guys



What if it was added online through self-service? Sometimes those forms don’t have a comments field. Would you think that they’d be reluctant to cover under the same circumstances?


Thanks for help guys. I really appreciate that.
We finally found the owner of the pick up truck and both agree to use our insurance to pay for it.
Even though his truck got only some scratches on the bumper, I think that is right thing to do.
Thanks again.


I get what you’re saying as it looks “funny” to call back and say “oh by the way, I forgot to tell you I wrecked when I added the car.” That said, the fact she has a grace period to add it, she should be fine. Her future rates at renewal on the other hand…

I’m not an insurance broker though, so who knows. They’ll probably raise an eyebrow though.


She would be 100% fine during grace period had she reported the accident at the same time she added new car. Insurance companies look for any reason not to pay and she gave them one by not disclosing the accident at the time of registration. Think about not disclosed pre-existing medical conditions. She calls back to report and the obvious question - “why didn’t you mention it?”. Just my opinion.


Apparently nobody knows what happens in this case i.e. adding the car within grace period after the accident . We will know if OP updates us what insurance carrier says.


Wow. That’s fraud and unnecessary. She should have been covered even without adding the car to her policy.

What does her agent say? Seriously- this is incredibly unwise.