Help her out guys


My girl just got car accident just now while she was leaving my place.
She could not see my neighbors long pick up truck which has been parking and her cars left side fender area hit the rear bumper of pick up truck. Of course her brand new 2019 qx50 got totally smashed by metal pick up truck bumper and this pick up truck is totally fine.
The problem is she didnt update her insurance from old car to new car yet.
Because she got this new car only 2 days ago…
What is she supposed to do?
In advance, I will appreciate any help.


This is likely different from state to state, but she had to have some sort of policy on the vehicle to take delivery of it from the dealer.

Check the registration form for insurance and what is posted there.

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Check with insurance company, but she should have some sort of grace period and should be still covered under the old car. I’ve had dealerships report the new sale for me so I didn’t even have to call insurance, which may be the case here too.

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Chances are she was covered. Dealers ask for insurance before they allow the car to leave the lot, it’s prob covered. But I agree, prob state specific and might be insurance company specific

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She’s probably covered automatically by the policy she already had before she got the Infiniti. The dealer who sold/leased her the car probably checked her insurance ID card when they did paperwork. Kind of surprising she wasn’t aware if the car was covered before she took it, to be honest.

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Qualifiers, Liberty Mutual customer in Texas so YMMV.

We have 14 days of automatic coverage when you aquire a new car. Went through this when we picked up a new SUV last weekend. Fortunately no accident, but didn`t officially add the car until 3 days after pickup.

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In CA 30 day grace period. Check your state rules.

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Same - just picked up our new Alfa 2 weeks ago and figured all paperwork was completed.
Get an email a week later from Allstate saying that I’m missing the bill of sale and my grace period ends in 72 hours. We later found out the fax of that document never went through … easy fix and all is good but bottom line there was a grace period. She should be fine.

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Yup. So don’t waste any time. Get the VIN and include the car in the policy ASAP. Once that is squared away, file a claim for the damage.


WA gives you 30 days to update your policy, but you had to show proof of insurance at delivery even if not specific to your car.

Call your carrier, let them know the date you got the new car, and let them know you’ve been in an accident.


Thank you sir. so for sure we get cover by state farm right? She added new car last night as replacement but she didnt report the accident. Would it be ok?


State Farm covers new car for at least a few days.
And I’m pretty sure it will now be a problem after she didn’t disclose the damage while adding the new car to her policy.

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You need to talk to your agent. If it was already damaged when added, it should have been reported at that time.


Read again what I said and try to understand. She added new car after the accident without disclosing it to State Farm. She would’ve been fine and covered if she disclosed it at the same time.

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You don’t understand what I’m saying. Read what @28firefighter said, maybe you will get it.


WA requires proof of insurance at purchase that meets the liability requirements of the leasing company. It does not need to explicitly be for the car you’re buying - you have 30 days to do that. If they had no insurance prior they would have needed to show proof of coverage for the new car.

You cannot drive off the lot in WA without proof of valid insurance.

The newly created problem by OP is changing the coverage after the accident and NOT disclosing the damage.


Thanks for breaking that down. It was my understanding that most dealerships (albeit, not all) add the vehicle to the policy at the time of purchase as well as notify the insurance carrier of the new vehicle purchase.

If that is indeed not the case, then I would agree that OP may run into a problem when submitting a claim for the vehicle but assuming that due diligence was done prior by the dealership (and hopefully there is record of it somewhere), then they should be able to submit a claim without any trouble despite the policy not yet being updated.


Right. Expect the fact that she did not disclose the accident and damage while adding the car to her policy. And insurers don’t like this and, like I said, this probably will be a problem with covering the damage.


What if it was added online through self-service? Sometimes those forms don’t have a comments field. Would you think that they’d be reluctant to cover under the same circumstances?


Thanks for help guys. I really appreciate that.
We finally found the owner of the pick up truck and both agree to use our insurance to pay for it.
Even though his truck got only some scratches on the bumper, I think that is right thing to do.
Thanks again.