Help evaluating a lease deal on BMW 330 loaner


Hey all I am evaluating getting a loaner BMW. I have worked the following deal over the phone. The car has 2500 miles 2019 loaner. !please let me know your thoughts. I am in Houston

Doesn’t look bad at all. Check your rebates though for money hiding.

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That MF looks inflated…

I think they removed cash from the 2019 when I checked yesterday…

Yup, yup. Just $1,000 for conquest on a 2019.

Go on bmw’s site and verify the cash, what mf are they “stating” that they are using?

And at 18% before incentives that’s not the end of the world.

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I verified the February program in Texas. I have info. :wink:

I couldn’t find this on the bmw site can you help me find it

When you click “offers & finance” it’ll ask you for a zip, after that it lists the models, click on one and it shows the incentives

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