Help dissecting dealer #'s on a 320i


Having some issues understanding the DAS breakdown of this loaner 320i the dealer sent me-

1st month’s pmt: $475.38 (I know, lol)
Fees & Insurance: 586
Upfront Taxes: $192.40
_Total Inception fees:_1253.78

Rebate as Cap reduction: 2000
Total Drive Off: 3253.78

How inception fees are paid - cash as drive off: 1253.78

How much of this should actually be paid for and how much is bogus?

edit: FYI- I know numbers are terrible LOL it’s an uphill battle to get to even neutral numbers so I might even just give up on this dealer but just for my comprehension’s sake, was curious what was going on

edit2: MSRP: 41,910, sales price: still trying to figure out what it is before incentives. Dealer is so unclear here.

What’s MSRP and what’s the selling price BEFORE incentives? What’s MF? What term and miles? What region? No way to know what they did with what you gave.

Numbers look pretty craptacular on the surface… Would need msrp and sales price before incentives to confirm.

Thats hilariously bad. Its more than I’m paying for a 340i with the same drive off.

Hey, Run away before they eat your free $$

Worst lease material

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Just don’t go into the dealership and try to haggle with the salespeople all day till they wear you out.