Help deciding between Camry and Accord

I’ve worked deals on both a Camry TRD and an Accord Sport 2.0t… looking for some advice as I’m stuck between the two. The Accord has a nicer interior but I’m actually a fan of the TRD styling on the Camry.

2020 Camry TRD
MSRP: $33741
Selling: $31678

MF: .00003
RV: 64%

DAS: $0
Monthly: $351

2020 Accord Sport 2.0t
MSRP: $32465
Selling: $28985

Lease numbers aren’t great so I’d likely finance the Accord at 1.9%

Buy whatever you like. Idk why you’d rely on the opinions of Internet strangers.

Doesn’t matter what the ‘lease numbers’ are on the Accord, what matters is rent charge vs finance charge and lease incentive vs finance incentive. Let the bank take the depreciation risk.


Nobody here is going to ever drive your car. The Honda people will say Accord, the Toyota people will say Camry, most here will suggest you can lease something else cheaper.

This is a leasing forum…other than wanting to make up your mind (hey I’ve been there too), I don’t know what you want.

They say you should flip a coin to choose. And if you aren’t content with the outcome then you’ve known what you wanted from the beginning.


Accord and Camry people are two completely different types of people. Which one are you?

Camry TRD looks like Toyota went on Supermarket Sweep… at Pep Boys.


I say… Accord! And Camry too! :grin:

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Wow… taking the blow

Have you driven both? I think the Accord with the 2.0 is pretty under-rated. I’ve never been super impressed with the Camry, but it really is a personal decision!

Actually drove both today and I’d say the same, that 2.0t pulls. Big fan of the interior space compared to the Camry. Honestly think the Accord is the better buy, even though the MF/RV can’t really compete with the Camry right now.

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It all comes down to you: the buyer at the end of the day. Camry & Accord have their own differences seems to me you enjoy both makes and can deal with either outcome, so I ask you this: If you owned both one day and then the next day both get totaled, which one would you be more upset about losing?

Whatever it is just don’t lease.

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Tell Toyota to put more go, less show on TRD trims. A limited slip diff would be a good start

Haha. I told the headquarter already. Haven’t heard back from them