Help calculating lease deal - Audi and Jaguar

Hey all,

Hoping to get advice on two cars. Will provide all of the info I have. Tampa, FL.

Audi Q5 premium (basic w panoramic sunroof)

MSRP 45,750
50% residual
Discount 7,057
Incentives 750
Adjusted value of 37,942
Acquisition 895
Taxes 246
And a whole bunch of other random charges like lemon law, dealer fee, tire fee, battery fee, private tag fee that bring the balance to 40,031.

They are asking 3100 down and 450/month incl taxes.

I know the MF is double but I am not sure what to counter with to make it the .00034 edmunds suggests.

Jaguar F-Pace, was a loaner so has approx 4K miles

MSRP 54,718
Approx 11,000 discount making adjusted price 43,986
No incentives
3k down + 530/month

Jag doesn’t seem to want to budge at all. What would be a strong counter?