Help Calculate Nissan Leaf

So I have been reading up on how to use the LH Calculator and I am looking to lease Nissan Leaf. and I came across a few questions. We leased 4 cars through a broker, so learning to use this calculator would def be cool. =)

So to begin my research, i started at Edmunds forum to see the MF and Incentives. I got the following: 24/12 .00003 MF, 54% Residual and 10,375 lease cash.

I plugged in all the numbers into the LH Calc and got the following:
MSRP $32525 (From TrueCar)
Selling Price: 32525 (0% off, TrueCar shows 25% discount in my area)
Months: 24
Miles: 12k
Residual: 54%
MF: 0.0003
Down Payment: $0
Taxed Incentive: $10,375
Untaxed: 0

Monthly payment: $239 with tax

Now, my questions are:
1. How do i factor in the MSRP discount
2. Am I correctly plugging in the lease cash that Edmunds forum shows me?
3. Is there better places to get MSRP and lease incentive #s?

BTW, I am aware of dmv fees, bank fee. I will most likely pay those up front

Thank you in advance.

There is a tutorial on how to use the calculator. Search for that thread and read it.

Enter the $ selling price in that field. The LHC will automatically calculate what discount that equals to

Taxes in NY are the second button and which county are you in that it’s 9%?