Help, any cheap lease? the cheap the better

Hi Hackrs/Dealer/Broker

Please recommend me a cheap deal available now.

I need a car for commute(5 miles one way) and other casual usage. Annual usage definitely under 5k miles.
Sometimes I use bike/scooter for the commute but it’s dangerous and cold, so considering something economical.
Almost any car is good, my family already have a SUV and a sedan.

BTW, I am really jealous of those BMW i3 lease deal(less than 100 monthly payment), but I don’t have loyalty incentive.

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Hyundai Ionic EV


Thanks a lot.

holly sh*t…
59$ monthly… my bike cost even more than that… let me see if I can reproduce the deal in my state

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All right, the inventory is gone, almost Nation wide.
Any other choice?

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Define cheap

My idea of cheap may differ from your idea of cheap.

I guess just the lowest car lease you are aware of, I am not picky on it, just need a commute tool better than my bike/scooter. lol

There’s a handful of ioniq limiteds still around. Won’t be as cheap, but still pretty cheap.

Check your state incentives but I think e-golf were going for pretty cheap aside from the great Ionic giveaway of Q3/4.

Where did you find them? I searched on CarGurus but find nothing near me.

There’s 10 or so on CarGurus within about 100 miles of Los Angeles

Jetta, and you can do 7500mi/yr