HELP! Acura Rdx 2021 base model deal check

Hello, I got a deal from a dealer for an rdx 2021 base model.
I would appreciate some insight. I feel that there’s room for a little more negotiation but I’m not sure since it’s a 2021 model.

Msrp: 41725
Discount- 5500
Conquest- 1000
Selling price- 35335
Mf-.00215/ 0.0225
1000 down including monthly payment of $499 monthly (tax included)

Thank you so much in advance.

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Is this a -13% dealer discount on a 2021? That seems very good, however- the overall monthly payment seems lousy. You are missing some key factors such as number of months and mileage! Plus residual value.

How much is the direct to dealer incentive on that?

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Thank you. I do feel that the payment is a little much for the base model. The lease is for 36/12k. I don’t have the residual value

You should get rv/mf/incentives from edmunds so you know what the actual deal is. Acura likes to throw a lot of money at direct to dealer incentives, especially when charging the non-subvened MF.

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Why are you asking in each and every Acura thread?

Because it’s an incredibly relevant piece of information for someone trying to evaluate if their lease deal is any good.


$2500 got it from edmunds

So that puts your pre-incentive discount at about 7%. How does that compare to other rdx deals you’ve came across on here?