Help 2020 MDX Tech 12k/36 $569 no money down VS 2019 MDX base $498 12k/36

Hi Im new to the forum. Im on my third MDX. I’m Leasing 2017 MDX Tech 15K/36 $620 currently have 31000 miles
with hit and run accident. rear bumper replaced.
need to lower the payments because of buying a house next year.
was offered at our dealer
2019 base for $498 12k/36 no money down ( asked for 2019 tech but was told none in stock )
2020 Tech for $569 12k/36 no money down
please comment , please advise.
I love my mdxs
thank you forum friends for you time.
Please help should I get a better deal

Is this for SH-AWD ? which state ?