HELP 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Loaner

Help at the dealership.

Is this a good deal???
MSRP 49,622
Sale Price $43,444
MF .00064
Down $657
Monthly $516
Walk off total first month $516+$657 =$1245

Let me know quick please at the dealer now.

That’s a lot of money for a loaner discovery, go with X3 or Q5, better value for the money!

Not sure why you tagged so-cal when this is a WA dealer…you know you can just leave the dealership and analyze it without being under pressure?

Also, your full name and address are on this quote sheet so I’d highly recommend removing this pic and posting an edited version.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I edited my name off and spent about 5 hours negotiating to get another $400 off the sale price.

My leasehackr calc are showing a score of 8.2.

Not sure I plugged in the numbers right, as there are no MSDs

Also the forum did not have a WA tag. Doing this all from my phone.

I don’t think you’ll do much better up here on an LR. Just expensive cars to lease…

Did you already sign?

Disco sport hse loaner should be wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper. Compare @Bostoncarconcierge 's deals.


Yeah. Anywhere else. But he’s trying to lease an LR in Bellevue where people roll up and pay close to asking. Just not a competitive market.

Exactly thank you!