HELP-2019 BMW 330i Demo

MSRP: $ 45,410
Price Before Incentives: $ 36,328
Monthly Payment: $ 358 (pre-tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $ about 4383 (7 MSDs included)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
Incentives: Lease and conquest (total $1750)
MF: 0.00133
RV: 61%
Region: CA Nor Cal

Dealer didn’t give me the details like Residual and MF, is it good deal? Please share your thought.

Does not look bad in my opinion.

Does that include tax? If so, I also agree that, absent more info, it looks like a solid deal.

You could try to enter the RV for a brand-new model (I can’t remember what the RV correction is for loaners above a certain mileage) to see what the estimated MF is. And, even if it’s marked up, that may not be a big deal since they gave you 20% off of MSRP…

Looks good and almost a unicorn if they aren’t marking up the MF or pushing bullshit dealer add-ons. Plug in the numbers to the LH calculator and then you’ll know…

Thanks, that’s pre-tax.

Just got MF and RV from dealer, already updated above.

Is it good?

I’m not super experienced w/ this, but is that MF before or after the MSDs?

Not quite the same thing, but there’s this…

That MF is after MSDs…
That transfer one is great, but I can’t get $3000 incentives…, I don’t know how he/she made it.

Buy rate is 0.00128 this month. You’re not even getting that after 7 MSDs. I’d ask them to lower the MF.

20% off MSRP is good even for a loaner, I believe.

Good to know that, I will try it, thanks again.

No, they marked up the MF as much as they could meaning they are taking 2% discount back through interest. Still a good deal but not the best reported recently…