[HELP] 2017 Maserati QP s with MSRP 117700

Hey guys, I’m new to this forum, and I’ve been learning a lot from you guys.

Here comes the deal.

Make: Maserati
Mode: QuattroPorte S
MSRP: 117700
Discounted Price: 82888 (about 29.5% off, can I push a bit more?)
Term: 42 Months 10000miles/yr
RV: 44%(42 months RV is the same as 36 month RV)
MF: 0.00089 (Would be 0.00061 if 36 month term)
0 Down payment
Drive offs just include 1st payment + all kind of fees.
The monthly payment is 880 before tax.
If the term is 36 month the monthly payment is just about 950 b4 tax.

Is this a good deal? IMO I don’t know why the residual is so low, which make the figures look ugly… lol
Are the numbers they provide really the actual numbers?(RV &MF)
The dealer claim the rates will change in Dec, should I wait for another day?

Everything gets better in December. ALWAYS.

Especially Maseratis - they’re sitting like ducks waiting for someone to come by and get one. If your dealer has 5+ 2017 QPs sitting then I wouldn’t hesitate asking for more off and not taking the deal if they can’t make it happen.

I see from previous posts other people get 51-53% rv in May, and with 0.0001 MF, don’t know why they are so high right now.

Push for 40k OFF MSRP on the QP.
RV is set by the bank each month its stays the same or changes dealership cannot alter the residual value.
Stick with 36 month.

Which dealer are you working with?

Did you discuss pre paid maintenance yet?

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Hmmm 40k off 117700 is 34% off I’m in Socal, checking up with multiple dealers, many offer similar deal.

No I have not reached the step for prepaid maintenance yet.

That will add to your monthly. Not sure if your trying to stick to a budget.

Maybe try to negotiate the maintenance In the lease payment so you don’t get any surprises back in finance.

Not exactly, but to be honest, I know their residual is suck was expecting 50%, but never know they are so suck lol. So my payment was expecting below 800 before tax for 36 month.

Should I take 42 mon instead? Since they have the same 44% rv.

Why would you take 42 months if you said the mf was lower on a 36 month?
Plus if you go with 42 you will be paying an extra 1 year registration and driving the car for only 6 months.
I would stick with 36 month, negotiate selling price 40k off msrp.

36.        42

117700 117700
82888 82888
0.44 0.44
51788 51788
0.00061 0.00089
946.0412489 860.3378305
1019.359446 927.0140123

36696.94004 38934.58852

For 42 month I pay 2.6k more for 6 month which include 300 extra registration paid for 6 month, which is 430 per month

Okay so if you want to drive the car for an extra 6 months and pay more go with 42. lol

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There might be a update on the deal, I will post here when it’s done.