Hello, I live in Tustin CA and I am looking for $0 down large SUV lease..PLEASE help

Hi, I am in the market for a large SUV preferably a Chevy, GNC, Infinity, Mazda, or Nissan. Im new to leasing and need a ton of help. Thanks

Plan on spending a ton of time researching on here OR contact a broker to help you. You can start by reading below.

Reach out to Anthony at DSR if you don’t want to put in the work yourself. He has a good rep here and online. I am in no way affiliated with him but you sound like a car salesman wet dream so maybe best to put a broker in the formula.

Thank you guys for your help

Your “ton of help” is here on this forum – there is so much information here. Most people spend hours (10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours?) reading.

What we are NOT is a car buying service so if you don’t want to help yourself, get a broker

We can suggest some cars but is your budget $100/mo or $1,000/mo?


I leased an Infiniti QX60 from AutoNation Infiniti Tustin last year for $330 per month. No downpayment, with about &1k or up front taxes/fees and around $2k refundable Multiple Security Deposit to lower the Money Factor (interest rate).

Not sure if the QX60 qualifies as a large SUV but it’s a 3 row, 7 seater.

They offer a larger SUV, the QX80. Not sure what the lease program looks like. If you provide some specifics, about 10-20 minutes of legwork can give a pretty good idea of what a great lease deal will look like.

I’ll make this easy for you:

Goto Automation Infiniti, get a new QX60

The end

You’re welcome

Good way to start is to go on newcarsuperstore

You can quickly get an idea as to the pricing of a wide range of cars. There pricing is much better than what dealers offer so have cars like BMW, Lexus, infinit, Mercedes etc

At least from there you can assess your options and then drill down on what you want

I learned the hard way originally hiring a broker whom costs money, took a long time, a ton of questions and pricing a lot worse than newcarsuperstore. Another member recommended the site to me and I have referred a lot of friends and family to it

You may still be better off negotiating directly w dealer but at least you will have some baseline numbers to work from

Good luck and keep us all posted

BMW Dave,

I just looked on their site - they are advertising super low rates which makes me uneasy and cautious. It sounds like you dealt with them before. A5 for $469 $0 dp ?! Whats the catch? Do they work with out of state buyers? Please PM me.

Hi bchung

  1. Yes. They were referred to me by another gentlemen on this site as I was having difficulties getting good pricing/service from a hired broker consultant

  2. Keep in mind they have 0 down but you still need to pay tax and registration etc. so probably $1500

  3. The price they quote is generally for 7,500 miles and is a base model (often times no sunroof or navigation). More miles probably only adds 20 a month to lease however. Can check if you need more upgrades and they will provide a price. Best to ask for msrp so it’s easier to compare

  4. They ship to la for free

  5. You can still use rebates if you have any. (Recent/military)

With that all said deals are quite good. They are very professional and can give you quick answers. They also work w a lot of brands as you can see so good place to start. Also since you are in la, a lot of options so now you at least have a base price to compare when looking around

Good luck

@bmwdave, have they been able to get you a deal on what you were looking for?

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Hi Jon

Yes. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I stumbled upon leasehackr and the community has been very nice and helpful. I now love leasing as there are a lot of great deals. :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunate in that I was originally only getting one car but now onto the third as i sold my wife’s car and also getting her a lease and helped my folks get one as well. So probably ended buying more than I would’ve since deals so great

Got the wife a BMW 3 series hybrid

The Lexus for the folks will probably get at dealer as they beat even the newcarsuperstore price and dealer is close proximity to the family so no extra hassle and a lot of competitive dealers near them

what is your target payment? large 7 seater + ?

I was referring to the Maserati, Porsche Panamera, BMW i8 or MB S550 that you were looking for yourself.

Going to get BMW 7 series from Greg Powell next week

Another member got a 7 series there and referred me

I recently sold my BMW 750 active hybrid so would’ve liked to try something different but couldn’t pass up on the deal. Greg is very professional and very responsive so highly recommend if you are looking for a BMW.

Greg Powell and not Greg Poland, right?

Poland. 20 characters …

What are the numbers on QX60 currently? $330 with $1k down looks good.

I am interested in the low lease numbers posted too. any inputs appreciated. I am in SF bay area but willing to go to SoCal if I can’t get a smiler deal locally.