Hellcat, $500 a month, nothing down!

Thanks Chris! It means a great deal to be referred as a rep that will work with you.


This 2016 Charger Hellcat has a ridiculous MF and RV. Anyone interested in making a deal on this vehicle, please hit me on the Forum.

Ask for Elliott

Hey Elliot, just a suggestion: you should open you own new thread in Marketplace for everything Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep. There are other threads for them all over this forum and some people may not see your offers under Hellcat thread.


I am pretty new on the forum, so I appreciate any and all suggestion. This is a great one

You should toss in Subaru and Kia too. You can likely get a lot of business from here by covering all those brands.

This guy gets tons of business from here because he’s very upfront and transparent.

Haven’t gotten time for any decent pics, but here she is. Now to learn to keep the tires from spinning!


Looking good. My cars twin!

Is there a way to private message someone on this forum? I’m in Nova and am interested in the Charger you linked here. I’ve been shopping around for used ones but stumbled upon this forum and the lease deals are appealing.

I apologize if I’m supposed to introduce myself somewhere first. I’m new here.

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@dgreen1069 - here is @CDJRElliott contact

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Click on the icon next to their username.

Don’t forget to send in your membership fees as well lol :slight_smile:

What are you guys seeing as a rate per mile over he allotted. I’m a 36 mo 12k through Chrysler capital. I was contracted at .40 per mile over and now they are saying they made an error and it’s really .50 per mile.


lolwut both those numbers are incorrect. I was financed by CCAP (Chrysler Capital) and it said .25c per mile on 12k/36.

Unless CCAP changed their terms from last month I’d double triple check to make sure they aren’t using a non-captive finance arm for your lease.

Anyone else want to chime in based on their contract?

0.25 on my Challenger as well.

I did lease in feb Vs Jan but that seems like an extreme jump. The paperwork was Chrysler capital.

More to the story… I actually originally signed a .25 per mile contract. They called me the following day and said they made an error regarding rolling a nj gas guzzler motor vehicle fee into my payment as it is supposed to be paid up front.

They said they would keep my payment the same and reduce the selling price of the car to make up for it. Obviously something is missing if they lower the selling price and the payment stays the same but I figured they just marked up he mf to break even. They also said they made an error on the cents per mile over and it is .40 instead of .25. I signed the new contract because I know them personally and didn’t want to cause an issue.

Now they say .50 instead of .40 because of another error. Is there anyway to look this stuff up online?

Call chrysler financial.

I’m dealing with virtually the same issue except I signed my deal over two weeks ago. The finance manager called me over the weekend and insists that Chrysler will not except the .25 over miles on the original deal and is now sending out a new contract for .50…btw my deal was signed in Jan…

lol just when I thought I had seen every single dirty trick that dealerships play, here comes a new one :slight_smile:

Because there are multiple dealers that do it, I’d think there might have been some miscommunication between Chrysler finance and dealers - dealers used standard .25 rates instead of new .50.