Have you leased a Land Rover lately? Use your credit to check out the driving school!

I dont work for LR/Jag or the Equinox but wanted to share

If you have leased a Land Rover lately, take advantage of the $425 credit you get towards an experience at the LR driving school in Manchester, VT! Manchester is a gorgeous little town, especially in Fall. It’s also the home of Orvis if you want to take some shooting or fishing lessons.

Many LR dealers fail to tell you that you get a credit towards a driving experience. You can use your own car or my preference is to apply the $425 towards a half day driving experience in their cars, and pay $200 out of pocket. This price includes up to 3 people per car.

I usually stay at the Equinox resort up there and it is great.


Thanks for the advice. How do you apply the $425 credit?

Just give them a call, they’ll collect your VIN and take it off!
The school that is

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My wife and I did it, it really was a lot of fun and Manchester is a great town. Worth the trip!

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I talked to the LRE school at Carmel Valley, CA
It’s behind the tennis court @ Quail Lodge.

The best way to maximize your complimentary LRE is to schedule it around the “owners day” program. Since you are making a trip out there, might as well make it worth while. Spend the first day learning the course on their trucks and then spend the next day trying the same course with fellow LR owners in your own truck.

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When we had Discos we went to two different Michigan Land Rover off-road adventures and they were a lot of fun with our two daughters. (8-11 years old)

Going down a hill that was so steep that you were hanging on the shoulder belt was a real thrill. (The girls were screaming/giggling in the back seat.) Kind of like going over the hill on a roller coaster.

And going uphill in mud that was ~12" thick was fun too!

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