Have You had a Dealer Honor True Car Prices, Especially Now?


I tried doing a search on this as I am sure there are a million threads, feel free to point me please

Was reading about someone else’s recent deal (happened to be on a Pilot which is not want I am seeking). He mentioned that the first dealer he went to would not honor the True Car Price due to the low Covid inventory, he was in the NorthEast. Do True Car Dealers usually honor the price?

I ask because there is a car I am semi interested in that the best option would be to buy it at the True Car Price. This dealership’s True Car Price is at least $1000 lower than anyone else’s including another dealer owned by the same company (they do not advertise that, a salesman at the other company told me) I have asked the email person if they will honor it without hidden fees and she said yes but who knows if this is legit.

It is not a long drive and I honestly would prefer a lease but there is no way to get a decent lease on a Rogue SV right now because the MF is too high and the residual is too low. This is a high volume dealer and they seem to have ample stock based on their website but will confirm that the two cars I want are in stock. Anything else I should ask before I walk in? They will not give me finance prices without walking in but I do not need financing but would take it at 0% or 1%

I have never seen a dealer that refuses to give info without you coming in, especially during a global pandemic, offer good pricing. If they’re playing games already, I wouldn’t count on it stopping when you get there.


How is anyone on the internet supposed to predict whether some incognito dealer will or will not honor their Truecar price?

And then the obvious question: why would you want a Rogue?


I sort of glossed over that because I am not too interested in financing. I suspect if I pushed it I could get numbers but I am not very interested plus True Car has finance numbers for this dealer

They definitely play games, all the high volume dealers in my area (downstate NY) do but honestly have found them better than the smaller dealers who cannot afford to negotiate and charge you an arm and a leg for the same car

Well person X can say, I bought my last 3 cars through using True Cars or person Z can say I, my sister or my cousin’s brother’s wife did or did not have a good experience using them. All relevant especially if it is the NorthEast region. It is not a crystal ball question but an experience question

What else would you suggest instead of a Rogue? I need a midsize AWD SUV or AWD Sedan and prefer Japanese, Korean and will consider American but not European brands. Right now there are decent deals on the Rogue. There are no deals on the RAV4, CRV, Altima, or CX5. My other option is to get an Equinox or a Compass but I am afraid of what might happen if my kids damage it too much that I will have to buy it at the end of the lease

Because none of that has any bearing on whether this dealer will honor it.

Literally anything other than a Rogue. Honda CRV for starters. It’s leasing well now.

Both the CRV and Toyota RAV4 are also much better purchase candidates than the Rogue due to better resale value and ease of resale (two different concepts).

Absolutely right but again if dealers generally do not honor True Car then this one will not, and I am probably wasting my time going there. I have no idea as in the past I have looked at True Car but only as a starting point although I did end up getting my last lease through a dealer that contacted me through True Car (I think) but with a sale price and I already knew the lease prices from having visited other dealers (I had a very old trade that had to be looked at). I ended up negotiating a decent lease price by email and came in and signed but it was not from the basic True Car the way this is. Plus then I had a lot of options and was indifferent to the Honda and Toyota options and was sitting in the Honda dealer considering signing when I got the final Toyota offer that I took

I always go below the TrueCar no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they decide to come. Salesman’s job starts from offering an upfront price. If the dealership is shady about it, walk away.


TrueCar pricing is set by the paying dealer. TrueCar isn’t deciding the pricing.


Not in my area, the CRV base is at $279 at the absolute best price which is ridiculous since someone just posted their kid got an EXL in Seattle for less, the RAV4 base is leasing in the 3s and they do not have them in stock, one broker told me he is selling cars that are in transit. Even the Altima is high now.

I have talked to brokers who are mostly the same brokers I talk to every time I lease a car since I do it for me, my mom, my good friend who once paid $400 a month for a Fusion (I had nothing to do with that fiasco), and my kids and I have never heard such awful prices. As well as actively researching, looking at Ads and I have been actively looking the last 2 weeks. Ironically there are great programs on the Honda Pilot EXL but this car needs to be not too big (or small).

I hear you on resale but my last two owned cars were driven to death, one went to 14 years and 167,000 miles and I got 1500 on trade and the other is a commuter car for husband, not a lot of miles but it is a 2005. Now if you told me they are known for having ___________ problem I would be interested

No way a Rogue is going anywhere near that. CVT and Nissan cost-cutting.

Plus it has a useless AWD system.

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Right, I realize that but I feel like it is the Wild West with ads lately (I got my last two Accords from ads that no one else could beat and the dealer absolutely stuck to the ad, not a penny more or less) and no one is sticking to them. I went into two n different brand dealerships recently with one newspaper ad and another with an email ad (unsolicited, looked like a newspaper ad). Both times they made up incentives that were in the ads that I did not qualify on. One was a college graduate and the other was an affiliation (eg someone has to work for ATT or some other major company). Meanwhile one of the ads specifically mentioned conquest (I qualify) but no other special incentive and the other did not mention any special incentive and listed the lease cash incentive everyone can get. Plus one dealer tried to tell me that the bank fee for Nissan was $995 and not $650. I walked out because I was mostly there to test drive but not thrilled with the idea of going back to either place

TBH this “strategy” is a total waste of time.

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Why useless? That is the main reason I am getting a Rogue, will be spending a lot of time in Upstate NY in a hilly area.

My friend had problems with the CVT on a 2014 Altima (returned the lease eventually) but I did not hear that about the Rogue. Meanwhile husband’s car is a 2005 Ford Freestyle, one of the original CVTs. It is still going and I am not a fan of American cars

My last ‘True Car deal’ was a bait and switch. They didn’t even have the ‘model’ of the car I wanted let alone the color and options mentioned on the True Car email.

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Not sure I understand. What would be better? Also what is a waste is exactly? Using True Car? Newspaper ads? We have a lot of high volume dealerships in our area, they will do deals at the end of the month that they will not do at any other time. Went in with MIL some years ago on 28th of the month, sales guy said we had to be done by 30th, she was busy and decided on 1st that she wanted the car. Called the guy and he said no, not at the offered price. She waited a couple of more months and she got a slightly better deal piggy backing off the first deal at her more local dealer. All good

Sorry to hear that but it would not surprise me on this deal.

Did you check dealer inventory before you went to the dealer?

The cars are in inventory equipped how I want in the color I want but a lot has been selling quickly here

The Email they sent back after I went to True Car was the exact car I wanted down to the wheels.

Online they showed 5 Toyota Corolla’s. 2 were White (Which is what I wanted) but none had all the accessories I wanted.

When I got there (2 hrs after email) the dealer who sent them was gone, I walked the lot and couldn’t find a single new Corolla, and the ‘helper’ dealer who spent 30 mins on his computer searching for Corolla’s coming in, he walked away to talk to his ‘manager’ and I looked at his screen that he was searching, which had my info on it. That’s it, no evidence he was looking for a car (and he didn’t have any other windows open).

Geez it was such a bait and switch.

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Sounds like an absolute waste of time.

We had that when I was helping my friend with a purchase a year ago but it was not through True Car

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