Have we seen a mid month adjustment on rates before?

The market is in rough shape this morning and hasn’t even opened. Have we seen mid month rate adjustments by car companies? Forgive me if this has been discussed before.

i think in the next few months cars may soon lease better then ever

I’m not sure why everyone automatically thinks leases will be dirt cheap for everything during a downturn. We are not in a recession, nor are we guaranteed to be sliding into one, although one is definitely due. The last recession, leases all but dried up completely for the American makes.

Will deals be available, sure, there are always deals to be had. Manufacturers aren’t going to just give cars away, and leases aren’t assured to be “better than ever” though. Manufacturing is already scaling back production. Less supply = less need to give cars away.

Cheap leases have the ability to ruin resale values, which also hurt car manufacturers on the back end of those leases.

If anything, I would expect purchase incentives to tick up a bit.


Yes, but it’s extremely rare. Don’t hold your breath you’ll see it this month.

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Also there is obviously a huge issue with supply chain so inventory will likely be low especially when 2021s are released.

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People seem to forget that leasing is a relatively small portion of the US Auto market. The majority of the new car market survives on people purchasing cars that are as much as they can afford per month stretched out over the longest possible period. It used to be that they could get people out and roll some negative equity in from their trades, but that’s getting harder and harder to do because of how underwater many people are from constantly doing that and stretching their payment schedule as far as possible. I’d say the short term future is very uncertain, and most likely not a sign of great leases to be on their way. If anything you’ll probably see more belt tightening from the manufacturers in the short term to brace for whatever is coming, if it is indeed bad. GM didn’t bother with their somewhat annual boosted conquest incentives this year, why is that?


The interest on most leases is not the barrier to more sales so I doubt there will be major slashing. If anything, we will see more 0% APR on financing. As I typed this a GMC ad just announced 0% on 72 month loans.

I give GM a tiny bit of credit for not jumping full into the world of 84 and 96 month financing like some other companies. I’m sure they offer it, but they haven’t started really advertising it.


I noticed that too…I too worry that a downturn in market actually means more incentives for purchases and less for leases. Leasing really seems to thrive during a healthy economy. If we were to experience a recession, which we might be starting now, I’m afraid the leasing will dry up. I’d also guess that banks, which are greatly affected by recessions, will not be the great non-captive options anymore. I’m hoping to get into a new 24/10 before that all happens. I don’t expect any mid-month adjustments, but April numbers will be a good indicator of the industry’s “caution”.

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