Have I lost my mind or am I in car leasing HE**

So, I have been looking into leasing our next vehicle for about 2 months now…I have been unable to find anything that I would even remotely consider reasonable…I understand COVID plays a part…and I now know that leasing in Virginia is a hassle to begin with…but, nothing prepared me for what I have now heard on no less than 4 occasions from different dealerships…

“We do not offer any dealer discounts to lease vehicles”
ME: So your advertised “dealer discount” before incentives does not apply to a car I want to lease, it’s literally a different price?
Dealers: Yes

Is this actually a thing??? This have never happened to me when leasing a vehicle across 4 different states over the course of 18 years…

It’s def. harder lately and VA sucks to lease in. I went to a Honda dealer several days ago and he told me for 2 weeks that he won’t take a dollar off of the MSRP, I walked in and he took off $5500 in less than 5 mins. I think they want people to come in to show “seriousness” and that might not be all dealerships, but that has been my experience.

If you want to possibly avoid tax, look at swapalease.
If you want to stop wasting time, contact a broker. There are plenty here and for VA I would recommend @leasecompanion


Seconded. Now more than ever, if I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t work a deal, and I could afford roughly a lease payment for the fee, I’d contact a broker. Because they already have a relationship with their dealer, they can cut through the BS you’re dealing with.

Good luck. I have a feeling September will be your month.




…Or just email a reasonable offer to every dealership in your area.

This sounds like a negotiation/research issue.

Oh great @joeblogs another mystery car. Corolla or Ferrari??


I was making reasonable offers. I simply based my offer on the specific “dealer discount” independent of any other incentives, then tacked on whatever incentives i knew could be added. I know the MF and residual and all other fees. Should have been easy. But they came back with - we don’t honor a discount on leases.

Ya got hacked.

Civic Si or Hatchback?

*Edit - saw it was a response mentioning Honda, not your original post.

The car in question


They politely told you to work with a different dealer. I suggest you take them up on their suggestion.