Has 2020 lease support ended for BMW?

Any word on lease support for 2020 bmw’s? Edmunds doesn’t seem to have an update on the 2 or 2 series and the BMW site is saying there is no lease incentives for 2020 models?

There’s a big difference between no lease support and no lease incentives.

I can’t imagine BMW ending lease support this early on any 2020 model. That typically won’t happen until sometime in Q1 to Q2 of the following year.

Now whether BMW is offering any lease incentives on any given 2020 model is an entirely different story.

AFAIK all the programs stayed the same from Oct to Nov (minus lease to lease credit) so if there were any incentives on the 2 series in Oct they still should be available in Nov. Double check Edmunds as well as Broker listings here.

If you’re talking about the M2, there have never been incentives on it.

It’s not uncommon for Edmunds to show no incentives for the first few days of the month after old programs have ended but before the new programs are known

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Talking about the gran coupe

It should be $1,500 in most, if not all, regions.

But why would you not just get a 2021? Incentives are $500 more on them.