Hard time with Lease Return



Buyout price was more than the car was worth, and they wouldn’t make money on it.


So just to update I was able to return the car. There was a dodge dealer 10 mins away from where I work and they would not take it either because I did not lease with them. I dropped in unannounced as suggested. I then called Chrysler capital and they could not help either. The dealer came up with some lame excuse saying the lot was full and they had no room which was BS. I had to go to the dealer where I leased the car which was 2 hours away. When I got there they were giving me a hard time too since they were repaving their lot. They also asked me where I leased the car from and I told them it was from them and then they tried to redirect me to their sister store which was another 20 mins away. Eventually I had to ask the manager to just take the car he asked one of his guys if they could make room and guy saw that I needed to drop off the car and he said yes. If he said no I would have spent more time arguing with them. I find this whole situation ridiculous and will never lease an FCA car. My question is I recently got another brand car through the marketplace on this site but it was from another state is this just a Chrysler thing or is this something everyone deals with when it’s time to turn in a lease. My car was in perfect condition minus the tires being a little worn and I turned it in well below the allowed mileage. I would have sold it to carvana as I had some equity and they offered me more than my buy out but unfortunately Chrysler capital doesn’t allow it or else I would have avoided this whole mess.


Did u call Chrysler while at dealership to assist like i suggested? I sure wouldn’t drive 2 hrs just to drop off a car, you kinda let them play you.

I’ve never had an issue returning cars to diff dealerships, but also I never had a Chrysler so there’s that. Sounds like they’re extra crappy to deal with…reason enough not to lease from them


I did call Chrysler while I was there even gave my phone to the manager to speak with the rep. He talks to the rep and hands me my phone back the rep says looks like they have no room and you have to go to your original dealer. I wasn’t gonna waste my time arguing or go dealer hopping to search for a dealer that would take the car. If they played me so be it I’m just glad to get rid of the car.


The key word in this whole debacle. Everything from the dealership experience to drop off is a complete nightmare.

From what I read on this board, nothing has changed in the last 20 years since I’ve set foot in a Chrysler store. Needless to say, I won’t be planning on making any visits any time soon.


if you rather drive 2 hrs than put your foot down that’s obviously your option. Not what I would have done but understandable. At least car is gone and you can move on.


I figured I would have wasted 2 hours anyway arguing with them at least driving I don’t have to argue and my original dealer has no excuse to turn me away. It is what it is. But MP is right that is the last time I lease anything Chrysler or FCA.


Can confirm. Their service departments are a joke as well… Once had to to have a mechanic drive me home because of their gross incompetence.


OP, happens with every make. It was happened to me with Honda, Chevy, VW, etc.
Always try to return at my local dealership but originally leased the car from somewhere else.

Like someone else said, they just don’t want to deal with the paperwork/hassle or taking your car and having to prep it/put it on a truck to auction.

I have heard every excuse in the book, like we have no room on our lot (yeah, okay buddy), the Mfg will not allow us to take it back unless originally leased here, etc.

They know you just want to dump it and move on and they’re not making any money on you except wasting their time which is actually costing them money.

I know you already returned it, but like others have said, just show up unannounced and throw the keys at them…lol


Yea this was my second lease. I usually purchase my cars but have found I don’t use my cars a lot so I went the lease route. My last lease was from a local dealer so when it came time to return I had no issues. Unfortunately that dealer went out of business. I just thought this time around there would be no hassle and I just had to drop off the car. But as you can see that wasn’t the case.


what city are you in?

Also, at least leave a google review for the dealership that told you to take a hike…it’s only fair


lol three dealers basically told me to take a hike. Im in the NY/NJ area dealers here are rough. I was just more upset that chrysler didnt back me up but it seems I was expecting too much.


That’s one of the reasons that I didn’t lease another GM. The local dealer were pretty much pricks about everything, including returning my lease. I just ended up driving 20 miles to the original dealer and taking an uber back. I don’t think they realize that they lose business when they’re being pricks.

I wrote a pretty nasty but honest yelp review and had the general manager as well as the owner calling me back to apologize.


I’ve never had an issue returning a GM. However, I’ve also never set an appointment to do so either, and just showed up during a slow period, or dropped it off as part of leasing a new one.


Yep, just another story in the endless shortcomings of FCA. I actually really like a few of their vehicles (Pacifica, etc.). But they just don’t get it. My co-worker had a similar problem returning a Dodge lease, and Chrysler Capital was no help. He even got a bill for a bunch of small wear and tear things he shouldn’t have months later.


It may be a car thing too, dealers often have to take the leased cars and send them to auction, it’s basically more paperwork and legwork for them. FCA dealers are the worst, I had to go through so many to get the hellcat I wanted lol, worst experience ever with FCA.


pre-inspections aren’t mandatory, in fact I just made one for my camry but I’m thinking of canceling it.


Yes they are. If you don’t do it, the dealership will have to do it on your behalf when you ground it. The issue there is, you don’t have any chance to fix any damage that may be found, and will be liable. That said, if your car is in good shape, and you understand the lease inspection process and what is considered excessive vs normal damage, you can drop off.


Just to add - it’s not just Chrysler. I almost got sent home from my nearest Infiniti dealer, as they claimed they only take cars back that are leased with them and that they didn’t have space (they’re doing some type of construction). This is on Long Island. The dealer in Queens claimed to only take back cars leased from them. Other dealers on the Island have specific days and times which weren’t convenient. The one I went to at least claims to take returns Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and is across from a major train station. But it’s frustrating that leases are becoming harder to return.

The car was from a broker 3 years ago, and from a dealer nearly an hour away. I wasn’t going up there to return it. If they really sent me out, I was going to call Infiniti and ask if I could bring it to a Nissan dealer, since there’s so many (and some of them are larger facilities w/ bigger lots).


Yeah my car is in mint condition. The only thing (which I just noticed last week), was a weird mark on the bottom front bumper. It’s not a scratch, it look like a shopping cart hit it or something. Since my car is black (and dirty since I didn’t wash it) you can see it in the sun under good lighting. I never rode a lease out to full term before, so I never had it inspected but I always take great care of my cars and never had any involved in accidents. I always traded them in a few month earlier and the dealerships bought them out. I guess since this 16 camry is worth more then they can get used no one was willing to make a deal and adding the loss to a new lease.