Hall of Fame Sticky Thread?

Please delete if this already exists and I’m as blind as a bat, but I’d like to see something where we could vote on and admire some of the best LH has to offer.

We could have awards for all sorts-

Cheapest car period

Best Looking car

Best Deal of the year

Worst Deal of the year

Biggest Dealer Loss

Award for most leased car

Award for most hackable car

What do you think?


LH score is pretty worthless IMHO.
All of it is rather subjective and subject to people’s opinions (with the exception of the $900 Pilot. Bravo to that dealer for pulling that off)


Could do it via poll system

could provide a pic, some basics #s (ie. msrp, selling price, monthly calculated as a 0 DAS except for MSDs)

Or mods/trusted hackrs can select top deals

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We could do a Hall of Fame thread without LH score.

Superlatives based on polls and opinions rather than score.

Maybe towards the end of the year we could do like a ‘best hack of 2019’ type of thread with a poll.

@michael maybe the winner can get a sticker :slight_smile:


Ya and then watch the streams of users referencing that thread as a baseline for deals they think are achievable on a daily basis

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Don’t they already?

Every BMW demo should be at least 20% off or it’s a terrible deal…

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or 30%…

For a hall of fame post the first line could have a disclaimer about the rarity of these deals and how to adjust expectations accordingly. Maybe it could give some much needed visibility to noobs looking to strike gold on the first try.

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End of Year LeaseHackr Awards! I like it… people can vote on what they thought was the “best Hack” (completely subjective of course) for the year while other members can nominate them.

I also don’t like the idea of a sticky as newbies are going to come here and think they are getting ripped off if they aren’t pay $500/month for a $150K i8.

I’m gonna vote no here… the trophy garage accomplishes this already.

Again, the main issue here being ppl thinking some crazy deal somewhere in the US is a baseline for their deal thousands of miles away.

I think we’d have to have nominations. Totally subjective. No basing it off of LH scores or any silliness like that.

A prize based system where only 1 winner gets a prize? How about all the participants?

Easy solution… Trophies for everyone


It’s not as cut and dry as that but at least on LH that’s come to be the accepted number and while it’s not a bad target it’s also very subjective to the model and time sensitive.

I can bang out 3-4.9K mile BMW loaners for ~15% discount all day every day but to go further than that I need to cash in favors I could use for my own fleet of roundel stamped metal. :sunny:

And regional.

20% off in Michigan is not easy. I have yet to get there. It’s my personal goal :smile:

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Same for FL. I simply decided to wimp out and take the easy approach (be willing to go to any dealer anywhere in the country).

Oh boy…1500 more posts between now and the end of the year titled “unicorn” so people get nominated.


This. With how desperate some people already are for bragging rights, I can’t imagine how bad it would be if it became an “official” thing.

Unicorns are so common now, Petland is going to start selling them next to the puppy mill dogs.