Had my X3 Autovin Inspection - what happens next?


Went well. Have a $0 charge. We kept the car in good shape and we are under mileage. My return date is Nov 23.

What happens next? I’ve never dropped off the car without getting a new lease on a BMW.

Do I just hand in the keys, car and say bye-bye? Do I keep the plates?

The Dealer hasn’t even returned my calls/emails about getting into a new lease so I am going with another brand of car…weird…

You drop off the car and pay a disposition fee which may or may not be mitigated by under mileage.

The car may not be worth what the residual remaining is so the dealer probably doesn’t want it.

Yup just drop it off at any BMW dealer and you’ll get a bill for the dispo fee. Plates belong to you, at least in Michigan. Maybe some states are different.

@Electric @Benedetto this is exactly what I was talking about in the other thread! Wtf??

What do you mean by that? The Dealer has to take the car, no?

Any BMW dealer should take the car. Bill maybe come in mail.
In CA I don’t keep the plate

Thanks @chrishs2000. I have no idea why the “VIP Sales Manager” hasn’t replied to my email or phone call. I would think they would be tripping over me trying to get me into a new lease given that this would be my 3rd lease with this dealer…oh well…trying to save money on my next lease.


Thanks, @Jesse_Sun

You can still save money on your next lease by shopping smart. :grin:


What’s your shopping plan?Gem10

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Like the Mazda CX5 Touring.