Hackrs opinion on a purchase?

I’m looking into a Honda Odyssey purchase.

I’ve worked pretty aggressively like many leasehakrs hear reaching out to multiple dealers and trying to negotiate a otd price (fees and tax included).

For a Honda odyssey touring msrp 45585, would a otd price below msrp be considered a great deal? I’ve managed both (without going into sign) on a 2018 and a 2019. Managed 44500 on a 2018 and 45500 on a 2019.

I know nothing is for sure since ally of the struggle will be sitting and signing papers. I even tried a few local brokers who couldn’t beat the offers I had.

Any thoughts / recommendations would be helpful.

Thanks hacked, the forum has hoed me learn alot about how to take back some control in the car buying/leasing process and gaining some confidence in it.

Really depends on the tax where you live. I think you could get a bigger discount than your tax rate though.

Thanks for the quick response!

I’d go cheap and lease a QX60 or Pacifica. Those Odyssey’s aren’t cheap but I assume they hold their value.

As @Jon mentioned tax and fees pay a big part on whether you will hit that target. In a state with low fees and taxes, you should be well under msrp as an out the door price. In a higher tax state, that might end up being an ok deal. I havent followed Odysseys since I bought my last one in 2015, but think the selling price was ~18% off msrp plus 3% tax, $100 in tags/titles and $500 doc fee. That was toward the end of the life of that generation, so discounting is probably less now.

My tax rate is 9.5% so it definitely cuts into the expected discount for me otd. But didnt think I could negotiate for 18% off sale price