Hacking an SUV...need advice and info

What year was your CX-9?

2017, so current generation. It was a miserable vehicle. Even my wife, who doesn’t care about cars at all, was ecstatic to get rid of it.

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What made it miserable?

Also what make the Passport better? I’m deciding between a those and a few others right now.

Someone once described the CX-9 as a backwards Tardis… Huge on the outside, miniscule on the inside.

It’s a tighter 2 row suv, with a cargo area significantly cut into by the profile of the vehicle, with these two obstructions someone jokingly put in the rear and called a 3rd row.

The infotainment was one of the worst in the industry when it came out in 2014. It hasn’t improved in the meantime.

Rumor had it, ours had a backup camera. You’d never know though because it took so long to come to life, you were done backing up before anything would show on the screen.

The interior design looks great… for about 2 weeks. Then all the piano black trim takes on a brushed look from all the scratches.

The paint liked to chip if you looked at it funny. Oh and the bumpers developed stress cracks in poorly designed thin areas.

Then there was.the horrible clunking/shake from the transmission in throttle lift off.

The passport just works. It’s got tons of space, it’s comfortable, things do what they’re supposed to do, etc. Yah, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does everything it tries to do well. It’s also a good bit cheaper.

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To update this thread (I really dislike unresolved forum threads)…

We traded in the Rav4 for a CPO 2017 Outback 3.6R limited. Thanks for the advice and I’ll revisit hacking when it’s time to replace my 535i.