Hacked -- BMW 530e MSRP $60k || $470/mo


Great deal!..but your math is a bit off on the 0 down (cvrp $1500 and SCE $1000=$2500…not $3500)


This has a lot more tech in it than the one I drove.

Nice job. Especially because you beat the price I was at on a loaner.


CCA is $1,000 so the total is $3,500 in post sale rebates.


Got it! Nice!


Wow great deal! What are the new incentives for April 2019 from Bmw? Anyone know yet? What’s the lowest money factor?


Tune in tomorrow.


Venmo me $50 and I will let you know today lol. No refunds …
Otherwise you can have it for free tomorrow…


Ok I’ll wait til tomorrow thx


Hopefully improves tomorrow for others to take advantage of dwindling stock.

My deal should be super beatable end of April, assuming the incentives stay the same or improve.


Can you tell me new April progRAMS NOW? THX

Can we just ban bad new users?

SIGNED 2019 BMW 530e drive How did I do??
*MSRP: $60545
**Selling Price: $54462
**Monthly Payment: $625
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,000

**Annual Mileage:12k

**Leasehackr Score:8.6


not so good


Great deal if you want an electric BMW. I’ll pass.


not good,
check my post on the deal i got


I think you did okay if that’s a new vehicle and you have post sale rebates in your state. Otherwise, you’re well over 1% on a model that everyone is getting for well under that. Though I don’t know why you’d pull on a 2019 when it’s the same car as the 2018 and incentives are better for the older model year.

Keep in mind that he’s not in TX, so he can’t really compete with what you guys are able to do there with Owner’s Choice.

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my bad I didn’t see its a 2019.


its a hybrid


also when u lease car, the federal credit goes to financial leasing company…


In texas it’s different, because we have owners choice lease program, car is titled to your name. So we are able to claim the federal tax credits


You didn’t do so well and maybe should have respectfully read what others did. You are in a thread where someone paid 470/mo with 0 down and you paid 625/mo with 1K down. I’m not even comparing you to the TX deals. But regardless, not a good deal at all when BMW is basically dumping their inventory.

Btw, you may want to actually have your own thread instead of just randomly posting in someone else’s thread. Just a thought.