Hacked a BMW X2 Marino Blue M SportX with Apple Play, Spoiler and Driving Assist (Demo) 47K



Not Rahal!!! No way and don’t go there. I tried multiple times to give them my business and they didn’t want to work with me.

P & W BMW is where I went.

I can’t guarantee they’ll give you my deal, but they’ll give you a good deal if you know your numbers.


That makes more sense…P&W seem to be the only ones that are somewhat willing to play ball around here. 30% is still pretty impressive. I didn’t have much luck dealing with them, but will say they gave the best price of the 4. I ended up in Canton.


Funny, I tried Canton right before I went back to P & W. I dealt with Chris, the sales manager. Straight up guy


Good deal 20202020


I’m working on a similar deal in SoCal, and I’m not sure how you got such a low cash due at signing. My payment is coming out to ~$285/mo (includes tax) and cash due at signing is $3,995. This is for a 24 months 12k miles lease, X2 M sDrive (MSRP $45450). The big difference in cash due at signing can’t be just the 12k miles and lower monthly payments, can it?


Check the residual. Not sure if the S drive has a lower residual than the XDrive. I would not give the dealer more than $1500 on this lease.


Check how much cap cost reduction is going into that 3995.
Sounds like they’ve reduced the monthly by asking you to put down $4k.

What i always do is calculate with only taxes, 1st month and fees Due at Signing. Then when finalizing the paperwork, i ask them to roll it all into the monthly.

Keeps everything simple when comparing quotes and you can just deal with the best selling price without having to worry about them sneaking things into the drive offs/


Damn brother, it seems like your deal is a lot better than mine.
I’m also looking for a 24 month lease on X2, I’ve been going back and forth with a dealership
and we are @ $320/mo(including tax) and cash due at signing is $3,995 for 24 mo. and 15k miles
but the biggest difference is my MSRP is $39,995. I’m also in SoCal, do you mind sharing dealership contact? Thanks.



Residual is the same. Going back to sign the deal tonight, and 26.5% off MSRP was the best I could get inclusive of incentives/rebates. No way I’ll get your 30% but it’s all good.

I lowered my miles to 10k a year, and got a friends and family discount on the MF. So all-in-all it’s $2000 due at signing and ~$323/mo (incl. tax). Definitely happy with that.


I like your approach and that’s exactly what I did today. Definitely made comparing deals easy.


I’ve been working this deal for the past 3 days so it hasn’t been easy haha. DM me for the dealer contact.




“Friends and family discount” meaning they are giving you the buy rate of 0.00182? If possible do the MF bump in lieu of the acquisition fee, it’ll save you.


Don’t you Cali guys pay sales tax on the whole purchase price? That would make quite a difference.


No, CA charges taxes on the monthly payments for a lease.


I apologize for taking so long to post this. I misplaced the original paperwork, but i had some screenshots of the car, the details and I a pic of my bmw statement. The car itself is awesome. I upgraded the wheels and it has completely changed the look of the vehicle.


Your pics are broken, friend. I can’t see them, but I am excited to see your car and sweet deal!

Edit: It might just be my internet. Please disregard if it is!

Double Edit: It was my internet. Sweet car! Beautiful colors and awesome deal. :slight_smile:


Congrats! The stock wheels were better though. If you’re going to keep the black wheels, get black center caps as well…