Hacked a BMW X2 Marino Blue M SportX with Apple Play, Spoiler and Driving Assist (Demo) 47K



I’ve been lurking and researching cars for months. I visited a ton of dealerships and very few either followed up or were interested in playing. At the end of the day, the dealer in which I bought my current BMW 3 series gave me this dope deal and almost 30% off on this demo.

Technically, I haven’t signed the deal yet, but I placed a $1500 payment as collateral/downpayment for first payment and DAS.

2018 BMW X2 Xdrive M Sportx

**MSRP: $47,290
**Selling Price: $34,388
**Monthly Payment: $**349
**Cash Due at Signing: $1500
**Incentives:Loyalty, OL, Current X2 incentives of $3750

**Annual Mileage:10K


I don’t have the money factor as of yet. Yes, I’m sure the dealer marked it up, but with a discount of almost 30%, I won’t complain they have to make money.


Sounds sweet, good job!


Does payment include tax?


Yes sir it does.


Great deal!

I was working on one locally here, but didn’t realize these things didn’t have blind spot monitors. Then started getting second thoughts about the size.

The price/features are great for the price though! congrats on the awesome car!


Sounds like a nice fart car


With BMW everything is a package or extra which sucks, but this car has it.

PS. This is a vehicle for my soon to be 16 year old. Due to the tech package I will only be paying $66 a month for his insurance. Win!


As long as it’s safe, slow and trouble free I’m happy.


I wouldn’t call An X2 Msport slow. She’ll get up and boogie.


yea it will really give the base 4 cylinder camry a run for its money


It felt slower than my current 328, I’ll have to open it up and find out for sure.


I didn’t say it was a Z07 Vette, but I wouldn’t call the B48 a lawnmower either.


240 hp vs 228 hp

5.5 vs 6.3 0-60

but the new X2 M35i will be quite faster. :slight_smile:


$66/month?! Where are you located? I know a 17-year-old (NYC area) who pays >$100/month for a used 2006 Camry.


Where’d you grab that OL code from?


OL code I grabbed from Bobby Rahal bmw of Pittsburgh a few weeks back.


Do you mind sending me the dealer info in a PM after you drive off the lot? I’m in PA as well.


Nice deal on a very equipped fart car.


Auto-crossed the X2. It’s very capable! Have fun!


you got 30% off @ Rahal? That’s unheard of if true.