Hack the best crossover or the best price?

I apologize if this isn’t considered appropriate for this forum, but I have not had it answered in the several months of reading this forum. I need to start looking to replace my 17 Rogue lease. The most common recommendations for crossover are the CX5 and CRV, but this site is very clear that Mazda and Honda do not “lease well.” Are people choosing to still get the best deal on the best and/or preferred crossover, or is the true hack to settle for something else (like a Rogue that hasn’t changed much) at a great deal? Is the calculator the only factor in judging the hack?

That’s going to be completely dependent on you. Are you willing to settle for something just because it has the best payment, or are you willing to spend more on something that will make you happy? Only you can answer that.

“Best and preferred” crossover is purely subjective as well. Someone may have no interest in either of the 2 cars you have listed, whereas someone else may not settle for anything but.

Have you driven anything yet? That would be step 1 IMO. You may not be interested in either after driving them.

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