GX 460 lease in Dallas, TX

Can you please let me know if this is a good lease? I am going to sign the lease this weekend.

MSRP: $57,853
Sales Price: $52,498
Rebate: $4,000
Net Sales Price: $48,498
Tax: $3,031.13
Licence, Reg, fees: $350
Acquisition Fee: $795
Total Discounts: $9,355
58% Residual 39 Months $33,554.74
39 Months/10K Miles/$5,000 money down at signing.

Monthly payment was $545 at first and now it came down to $525 after negotiation.


Sounds about right (but I am newbie, so take my word with grain of salt).

I am working on GX lease deal too. Check my thread from yesterday (under lexus tag). I think you will find it helpful. Feel free to PM if you wanna connect.

good luck!

Stop. Hold up.

$5000 down is an awful idea. Do not put money down on a lease. Use MSD to minimize the rent charge and thus your payment.