GV80 order discount

Has anyone spoken to a Genesis dealer willing to discount, even by a small amount a GV80 order, specifically a fully loaded one?

With the insanity that Hyundai and Kia dealers have been pulling on Tellurides/Palisades, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting a discount on a pre-order on one of these.

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They actually wanted a deposit for the GV80. :rofl: :rofl:

They have like 10k orders already, so wasn’t too hopeful. Just want to see if there was anywhere giving even 1-2% off MSRP.

I haven’t seen any actual data saying one way or the other, but it would really surprise me right now.

Genesis CEO spoke yesterday on it

Of the people who really wanted Tellurides, I think those who factory-ordered and paid MSRP are the happiest of all.

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