Gunther experience (negative)

Well that was easy.

I had to fly out this morning but my friend went to Palm Beach today and I was on speaker for part of the negotiating.

She walked in and was a totally different experience.
First - they agreed that our other options were all great cars (not the whole “the other cars are crap” pitch).

She found one she liked better with a cheaper MSRP 45390 and there was no problem on their end why she needed more. Reworked the numbers over the phone and got rid of the 995 DAS with exactly 450 monthly tax included. She was ready to sign but then we had to discuss her current car. She had one month left on her current lease of $502 a month due on Friday. She just had the pre-inspection and was told she needed two tires replaced and a few scratches repaired for a total $1200. So she was looking at another $1700 to deal with. They took the car and raised the price to $460 tax in. She wanted the wheel/tire protection since she lives downtown and always has issues, so that added $11 more. I don’t have all the numbers right now and will add later but she felt good, loves the car, and more importantly to her … felt respected.

Bottom Line:
$471 monthly with only first payment due at signing. Rest rolled in and they took care of her current lease. They were positive and professional the whole time. I’ll continue to tell others about our experiences at Schumacher, as well as Gunther.


Thanks for the tip. Was going to shop XC90 at Gunther in a month or so. I will look at Schumacher instead.

Good to hear.
We worked with Steve Guth and Andrew Bisaccia at Schumacher.
Can’t recommend them enough vs Gunther (John Sales Manager)

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In their defense the Gulia is a POS

Looks like the OP’s sales guy joined 5 years later just to comment on this thread.