Guilia Lease $349/Month w/ $0 down

Hello hackrs, came across an ad in my inbox that caught my eye, curious to know if anyone had any more info or feedback on this ad. The person on the phone didn’t want to get into specific details about the pricing, but assured me I would be able to get this price if I was credit qualified. Is this a good deal if true?

The feel as if almost 420 effective payment on a base Giulia is not that good. That’s before drive offs.

Tax and DMV fees not included. Get an actual quote from them and don’t just rely on the ad

Those ads by all and every dealership are 99% of the time misleading.

How can the ad be misleading, what could I be missing? Maybe they could say that’s only for well qualified individuals and tell everyone they didn’t qualify?

Credit qualification has nothing to do with the misleading. Tier 1 is credit score 714 which is pretty low and easy to get. The ad does not includes tax and fees which would be upward of $1500-whatever depends on your location. All and all for a base Gulia at $349 plus $3500 drive off is pretty high.