GROUP BUY PRICING 2018 Volvo S90 T6 Mom. FWD 24/ 7.5k $399+tax (max MSD) and $442+ tax(no MSD) and $700 D.A.S. - Florida

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Fellas !
This deal has been negotiated for a group buy price but the limit is minimum 5 units including the T5 deal which was posted earlier. THIS PRICING IS FOR COSTCO MEMBERS SIGNED UP BEFORE MAY 1st 2018 AND THOSE WHO HAVE A-PLAN THROUGH EMPLOYER. This deal is for Florida residents. The brokerage fee for this deal is $300. I know I will get bombarded by members outside of the region and I would like to help you. If you are outside the state of FL and are interested in the vehicle, you will need to pay me a retainer of $150 so I can verify rebates for you and give you the pricing difference if any and the remaining $150 will be due once I provide you the information and you wish to proceed with the deal.

Calculator Information
This pricing is based on an MSRP of $60k and change. Any vehicles with a different MSRP will need to be adjusted on payments. The sales price on calculator of $46,395 factors the A-plan and rebates already.Calculator is hard to manage for some reason to get exact numbers therefore registration charges and doc fees were adjusted. If you send me a PM, please be patient for a response.

For 7.5k miles 399+tax (w/MSD), $442+tax(wo/MSD)
For 10k miles $424+ tax (w/MSD), $466+tax (wo/MSD)
For 12k miles $449 +tax (w/MSD), $491+tax (wo/MSD)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum AWD
MSRP: $60,145
Monthly Payment: $399+ tax (max 10 MSD) /$442+tax (No MSD)
Drive-Off Amount: $700 (+MSD if chosen)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 7.5k
MF: .00074
Residual: 62%
Available Incentives: $2500 Volvo Lease bonus + $3750 Volvo Allowance + $2000 Regional Lease Cash
Leasehackr Score: 12.1 years (w. MSD)
Location: Florida

Saved Calculator Link:

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Can loyalty be stacked on top of this deal?

Yes it can 20202020202


Wait, does Florida have better incentives than NY? That’s a first.

8250 as spelled out by dealer. He wants to stick to S.FL tricounty only for now.

Where is the $3000 a plan rebate in this?

I was wondering the same

Already layered in salesprice by dealer. He hasnt used as taxed incentive. I know its odd, but I have seen some other deals posted here as well.

Okay, that favours the buyer!

Can someone explain to me how this is better than normal A-plan pricing?

60K A-plan discount of 6 percent is $3600
$2500 Volvo Lease bonus
$3750 Volvo Allowance
$2000 Regional Lease Cash
A-plan Elite $3000
Total Discount and Rebates of 14,850

MSRP of 60k minus 14,850 should be 45,150 which are roughly what the broker has above

Which regions have the $2000 Regional Lease Cash?

for now only SFL that I am aware of.

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Deal is now for all of Florida. Out of states residents will need to verify there rebates and manage shipping.