Green High Mileage Dream-Chevy Bolt Swap in Mass-12M/22K Miles - $235/Month

Helping out a friend!

Massachusetts transfer only through GM financial

Chevy Bolt w 12 months and 22,500 miles remaining
Only $235/month w MA Tax
Buyer pays $500 transfer fee
Ridiculous deal


For the Bolt EV, how do we charge the car? Do we need to install a charging station?

I’ll let the forum weigh in

Just helping a friend and not sure

I thought you wanted the mini? Lol


For pretty much any EV, it is best to charge it using the 240 V (so called level 2 charger) for speed. But, it is not strictly necessary as if one has enough time to wait, a 120 V level 1 charger can be used. For a car like the Bolt though (with a relatively large battery), it would probably take about a day to fully charge a completely discharged battery eith a level 1 charger. Level 2 would prob be ~10 hours.

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Got it, thanks! I’m just looking to get a transportation tool, not particularly into any make/model, affordability and practicality takes precedence.

Please post picture of charging port as not all Bolts are sold with CCS charging. Orange cap means it can rapid charge at DCFast chargers, black cap means it’s limited to level 2 charging only. If someone wants a around town car, the black cap is more than they’ll ever use in a day. But If they want to travel anywhere farther than half the range they need the orange cap.

I recently did a 4.3k mile road trip in my bolt from Oklahoma to Maine and all over the East Coast, it’s a fantastic car, dirt cheap to drive, nothing to do maintenance on. Done a bunch of other 1-1.5k mile road trips but they aren’t hardly worth mentioning because they are so easy to do. Tons of level 3 charging everywhere except ND, SD, MT, WY, just download the plug share app and get familiar with the abetterrouteplanner website and its easy to go anywhere.

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Is this the straight up base LT model? Any option packages on it?

I’ve been going back and forth, considering buying one of these, but this might be a good option for me at the moment.

Yeh it’s a stripper

But the mileage for the $$ is insane

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Better hurry on the transfer…nothing after 12 months remaining with GMF.

Might actually want to double check with GMF if not already done, to see if it’s still eligible.

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Good looks!

Sent you a PM on this. :slight_smile:

Going to try and keep it local if I can thx

How local? I’m in central MA.

Oh thats perfect. Didnt realize you were in MA.

GM Financial handles the entire process of the lease transfer. It costs $500 paid to GM Fi.

The first payment is due on the schedule of when the current payment is due, but all of that gets worked out through the process.

Yeah, sorry, I have been lurking here forever but never really fleshed out a user profile. I have been eyeing your Toyota posts for a while, but my annual mileage is a little too unpredictable lately. But this would work out fine for me for a year.

I PM’d you my contact info.