Grand Cherokee Limited $425 zero drive off

Hi all,

Got this offer of $425 a month - 24M/10k lease with zero drive off.
The dealer is in PA, I’m from NJ. I don’t have the MF/RV but the MSRP of the car is $46,420 (inc. the safety package).
Looks like a good deal to me, could use some experts advise.


Experts need more info/breakdown to give advise.

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Yes, I understand, but I’m knew at this…
I can tell you that I’m in zip code 07960 and according to Jeep site I have $4,000 of incentives.
When trying to get to the lease amount in their site’s calculator it looks like the dealer discount is about $5,500.


Based on what i have seen on those sounds like a decent deal.