Grand Cherokee lease

I’m looking at leasing a grand Cherokee in Florida. Do these cars tend to lease well? Is there a particular package that generates better deals?

I’m looking for a 36/15k or 39/15k deal.


I’d recommend starting by searching the forum for past GC deals. Yes, they may be older but they will give you a good idea of what is possible. Nobody is going to find a deal for you, so good luck with Florida dealers

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I appreciate it and just meant more in general. Some cars don’t lease well as others generally lease better than others.

Any bit of info helps

Searching the forum and seeing what people have paid in the past will tell you whether or not it leases well

You want to stick with limited. Once you go overland or more residual will take a hit. You can get deals on those at below 1%. However, you will have to hussle a bit.