Grand Cherokee Laredo X


The lease for 36/12 on this Laredo X should cost 323 a month but they are raising something. Msrp is 42210 not 40,000

323 based on what? Share your calculator.

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The selling price without rebates is closer to 38,000 than it is to 40,000

370 is a pretty nice deal as well considering how bad the market is

Where did you get that MF and RV in your calculator?

I got it from edmunds

Dealer is using the same mf rv too

comes to $361 with $4200 DAS using the discount and fees shown on that sheet, and assuming they are using what you got from edmunds, which of course we can’t know for sure without a done deal.

You think it’s a good deal?

It is an effective $470 on a $42k MSRP jeep. No, I don’t.

What’s the rebate? lease cash?

Go to jeeps website, ‘search inventory’ for a Laredo X then clcik calculate payment. plug the numbers in…

Jeep Search New Inventory Vehicle Details

If the 'balance on your sheet, $35,000 is the adjusted cap cost then somewhere around $425 plus tax title tags…is whats its gonna cost.

Laredo X isnt leasing well…look into an 80th Anniversay. MSRP is a few grand more but the payment should be similar.

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