Got Tricked By BMW Dealer in SoCal



The same thing happened to me with BMW of Beverley Hills a number of years ago. We finalized on a price (purchased) and I drove up from San Diego. The salesman had the keys in his pocket and he can’t find the car. Supposedly another salesman sold the car with the spare key. Who knows if that’s what happened but it sure was a waste of a day.


What on earth does their ethnicity add to the story?


Clutches pearls :joy:


Probably wants us to stir away from Asain salesman’s. Lol :rofl:


Before jumping on bandwagon of shaming him, I would hope he does not remember their names and simply trying to identify them. Maybe most salesmen that work there are white? At least thats the way I would see it because shady salemen/women and managers come in all colors, sexual orientation, shapes, and i dont know what else.


There was no bandwagon upon which to jump. I just asked a question.

I don’t guess you get to the Los Angeles area often, because there aren’t many places where “most [people] are white.”




IMO refusing to go to certain dealers because of one particular salesperson or experience limits your options and precludes you from getting some LH-worthy deals.

You can get a very different experience from the same dealer depending on who you work with.


as a minority myself, I was just saying best not to deal with the people I dealt with.
I think they were trying to take advantage of me! thinking i don’t know better. I am a female minority that brought a little toddler. Come on…$6xx for an i3? that’s absurb


Dont think had to do with your color or anything else. I went for a 45k msrp once and they quoted me in the 600s. I3 even higher msrp. Just what dealers do. And some people do bite. Thats why they try that bs.


What dealership was this?


You were probably profiled on some or all three counts (race/gender/toddler) re: your perceived ability/willingness to haggle and time to do so.


More reason to haggle via email/text.