Good or bad lease deal - 2018 Land Rover discovery Lux diesel demo

Hi Everyone,
Trying to decide if this is a good lease deal. I’ve never leased before so bear with me. Looking at a 2018 demo Land Rover discovery lux diesel with about every option available. Base price was 68, after all options was 82, they’ve lowered the price to 78267 as it’s a demo.

lease details
39 months 12k miles 920/month not including tax
895 acquisition fee
5267 down payment required
When asked what the MF is, was told 00.10
There seems to be a little wiggle room with the price, potential to get for 76627.00

This is in Seattle, WA. I have a trade as well so will receive a tax credit.

Thanks in advance!

Bad deal, in my opinion . Tiny discount on a leftover 18 demo. Discovery had some steep discounts that I saw not too long ago.

That’s what I was thinking too. The options are nice but I didn’t need everything it came with and it had 3k miles on it already but they don’t want to budge. Go figure :blush:

Really bad deal.

I wouldn’t touch a Disco in January.

Rover lease numbers are really poor this month. I would try and wait until February in hopes they improve. I’m confident they can’t get worse.

In my mind I’m thinking or the deal Bostoncarconcierge posted . It was a 70k 2018 discovery hse for 564 and 2500ish at signing. That included tax. May have even been a new car. Oh mike posted hi Mike!

This deal sounds terrible compared to that one haha. I thought the payments seemed high + high down payment but wasn’t sure if that was because it was an expensive SUV

Haha that was on a PIN deal so nothing will compare unless your dealer has one.

All of my LR contacts have confirmed this month has been terrible for them due to the poor programs.

Thanks sir! @Zog

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