Good or Bad Deal Mazda CX-5 2019 GT Premium Soul Red 15kmiles


So I’m new to this whole leasing thing… Frist time walking in to a dealership and this is the price they quoted me.
MSRP: 34,768
Cap Cost: 32,768
Residual: $19,437
Money factor: .00051
Das: $2147.72 I told the man that I don’t want to pay for anything upfront except taxes and fees and that’s the number he gave me for all that doesn’t sound right.
And the monthly payments come out to originally $408.94 I said no deal he said fine we can do $3000 due at signing for $353.36 I still said no deal then he said fine he can do $2147.72 for $353.36 a month… I still feel like I’m not getting the best price or deal here… I wanted a breakdown of what exactly am I paying for at the DAS because I feel like 2k is a little high to just be paying for fees and registrations and taxes. I also feel like the money factor is really high as well and I have great credit…Any help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Have you checked Edmunds for the MF, residual and dealer incentives? Need way more information to evaluate anything.

This is what I see on Edmunds does that help?

Post on Edmunds and ask for residual and MF for your zip.

That MF seems high to me, I think it’s .00001 on all cx5’s except the GT reserve and signature trim, not 100% sure though.

Okay thank you I’ll post