Good or bad deal? Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee latitude plus v6
Msrp 32780

Was offered 329 / 42 months
First payment and plates due at signing

Seemed like this was bottom line price for them.

Do not lease an FCA car beyond its bumper to number warranty.


Look at a Trailhawk.

Somewhere in the $240-$270 sign and drive range with an average dealer discount.

MSRP $36k

Whoa what area are you in? I havent seen anything close to that

We have $6k in rebates in the Midwest

I was talking about zero down.

Got a jeep Cherokee high altitude for 42/35k at msrp 39k for 339/month. Only 1st months payment due at signing.

What region?

Northeast/ tri-state area

what dealership did you use. I am looking for a Jeep in the Northeast too

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Would like to know that myself because i was offered similar prices for a Lat+

FYI, ended up getting a cherokee limited last night
36k MSRP

Gave them 500 down + First Month payment
320 a month.

I think you could probably get it down another 20 bucks at best but i was tired of looking at thought it was fair.

this was in Pittsburgh

Why did u go 42 months u will be 6 months out of warranty.