Good numbers on a 2021 Kia K5 GT-Line?

I have been asking around for the best leasing numbers on a K5 GT-Line. im planning to lease it over 36 mos 12k miles a year. no other dealerships gave me a detailed summary except for this dealership in Ontario ca any thoughts on these numbers ? This is also the numbers that the calculator worked out for me.

Your DAS between the offer and the calculator do not match. Part of why the monthly is different.

Without you posting your calculator link, it’s hard to help beyond that

In your calculator, click “share your numbers”, copy link and paste it here.

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here’s the calculator link

You need to click the share your numbers under the monthly and post that link. You just linked the default calculator url.

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is this right?

Better, although you’re missing a lot of info from your deal sheet.

yeah, im not too sure how to use this page yet its my first time
just looking to be guided in the right direction I wanna make a smart purchase

I updated my post above with the corrected calculator.

Right now, the discount in this at first glance isn’t horrible, but then the $1250 in accessories claws a lot of it back.

Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with Edmunds?

I can usually ask to remove some of the accessories right? I know they like to add unnecessary things
. im waiting on an update on those numbers from edmunds

I also see that the included edge guards and lux care in the lease payment quote. are those even necessary am I able to tell them I do not want that?

Your best bet when negotiating to remove these add-ons is to recognize that the paperwork will almost always have them. So negotiate the selling price for a larger discount or offer the payment that corresponds to removing those items.


You can (and should) tell them you don’t want them, however, they may not honor the deal without them. There are some dealers that love to show a big discount and then eat it all up with dealer profit add ons.


Vehicle is from the future. Car may have vaccine.

Give @Ty_the_Car_Guy a call, had a really good experience with him.


This is a terrible deal. They are basically selling you the vehicle at sticker and whoever put the numbers together must be new to Kia. PM/text me if you want details.