Good lease deal on a 2022 tacoma OR? Tampa, FL

Need help - good deal? New to leases but learning a lot from this community!


48 months for no other reason than as a negotiating tactic to get a lower price

Renegotiated for 300/month, 15k miles for 48k. MSRP is 39581 and I am getting it for that.

Why 48 months? Whats the cft package? Whats msrp? Hows their trade-in offer compared to others? Why not pocket the equity or apply it as msds

8k down……from your trade
Don’t do it

Pardon my lack of knowledge - msds?

Before you sign anything, I would contact @Jrouleau426 on this forum. He is a broker who specializes in Toyota leases , particularly trucks. His name is Jim and text him at 215-359-6836.

I would also sell my vehicle to the highest bidder between carvana , vroom , car max , autogo lenders , rather than trading it in.

Hope this helps.

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I second that

I can’t comment on this not knowing the details of the trade etc.

Message me if you want a back up quote. I can price the trade separate from the new truck so you know what each should cost. It’s rare I can’t beat a Florida quote even with you paying to ship the new truck.


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Yep, Jim is da man - SE Toyota manages pricing like a cartel for all dealers in the state - plus the high dealer fees in FL! Jim gets you NE deal. I am from S FL, bought a Tundra with Jim back in the good old days of 2020 and saved a bunch - at the time I decided to fly wife and son to PA and drive the car back home, best road trip in years :slight_smile:

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Multiple security deposits. It helps lower the money factor. I believe toyota allows 9 so 9 x monthly payment. Should reduce the mf to .00152 You get it back at the end.