Good idea to do 48 month lease with Mercedes?

Looking at a loaded c43, 70k msrp, getting 10% off including incentive.

Will be build around end of the year.

My question is, does 48 month worth it?

I know normally 36 is the way to go, but with this particular one, 36/10 would be 59 whereas 48/10 would be 54 (based on last year’s number)

I plan to get prepaid maintenance, 2 year for 36 or 3 year for 48. MB has 4yr/50k warranty. Plus the fact that being a performance model, I’d probably looking at tire/break replacement around 20k miles instead of 30k on a normal car anyway.

In this case, does it make more sense to go with 4 year lease? Calculator shows around 4-5k more comparing to 3 year leaee for the 4th year.

What’s the difference in payment? (10% including whatever incentives, that doesn’t sound great on an ordered car)

Usually not worth it to extend term.

calculator says 90 per month in difference.

What would be a good price to shoot for? I live in PNW and I find it generally hard to look for good discount around the area. and mercedes incentives usually don’t stack from what I can tell so I’m probably only getting the 1.5k fleet

You already locked in on this one?

Haven’t put down a deposit yet since it’s too soon, but after speaking with a few, that’s probably the best I can do from dealers around me within driving distance.