Good deal on Volvo XC90>


Is this a good deal? My first lease.

MSRP 60,755
Selling Price 52,771
13.1% off MSRP
Months: 36
Miles: 7500
Residual 61% (37,061)
Money factor .00115 APR 2.76%
Acquisition Fee 995
Dealer fee 499
Govt Fee 400
Sales Tax 1805
Disposition fee 350
Monthly payment 540
Total lease cost 23,078
Leasehackr score 8.6 years

Seems pretty good, but i’ll ask the standard questions others will ask:

  1. what incentives do you have included?
  2. did you verify incentives & RV from Edmunds? Also verify incentives on Volvo’s website (build a car then at the end it will tell you what’s available)
  3. is it a loaner/demo?

How much lease cash/Volvo allowance is rolled into that discount amount? I’m guessing $3-4k

I think it’s $2k on MOM in NE

Not sure – I am not a returning buyer, nor am I a first responder. Those were the incentives listed. I will check out Edmunds to make sure they gave me everything I am entitled to.
This is a new vehicle, not a loaner

Volvo allowance/lease cash is independent of those. Easiest way to do d it is to go to Volvo’s website, build the car, and on the summary page click the estimate my payments button. Put in your zip code, and there you go. If it’s only $2k, you’re at about 10% pre-incentive, which is a solid discount, you just want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples

That’s not true - the picture I sent you clearly said “loaner/demo” on it. It’s a 3k mile loaner.

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