Good deal on MB lease swap?

No. It is bad. Look at the pictures, the car was a demo with 7k miles. Using other bad lease listings on swap sites as the basis of comparison is not how to evaluate a good deal.

Oil changes for a MBZ is not cheap. The “A” sched Maint is could exceed $280 and the “B” sched Maint could exceed $375. If you are going to get the Maint package, shop around because varies from dealership to dealership. But make sure to do the math before jumping into the maint package. For example, if you purchase one for $2,600 then for 19 months does not make sense since the sched maint will not exceed that amount. And other problems with the car will fall under warranty.
Same goes for the wheel plan. I generally tell my friends getting into a MBZ lease NOT to get the wheel package if they are leasing under 33 months. My last two MBZ leases were only 27-24 months respectively. So no need for new tires and the curb wash was within the normal wear and tear threshold.
I forgot to mention that the SOCAL E-class lease swaps included more miles (probably why the price is bit more than yours).

Yea, I was suspicious about the pics as well. He did email some more and also included the window sticker and it all looks legit. I was also going to get an inspection. If the inspection comes back clean, are you saying this is still a bad deal?

Good info to know. Maybe the maint package is not needed since there’s only 29 months left.

What on earth made you think $600 for a used E300 is a good deal? Something worth the cost and hassle of shipping for?

Assured by whom? The seller? Is he somehow versed in how your state treats out-of-state transfers, assured you in writing, and committed to pay your tax if your state charged you?

Oh god a million times no. MB prepaid is only a good deal if you residualize it and you can’t.

Thanks Max. This is why I signed up for this site. I plead ignorance when it comes to leasing and I’m learning the in’s and out’s. I appreciate your candid response. lol

I might come off harsh but it is only in the hopes of preventing people from wasting their money. I urge you to continue learning by reading the pertinent threads on this forum, and come back to ask questions that have not been answered by searching.

I’m curious how you chose that car. There are cheaper cars on swapalease that would have surely come up earlier in a search of their listings.

No worries, I call it tough love:) I been searching the site for the last few weeks. I haven’t found too much on lease transfers, but I’ll continue to search.

I chose the car simply because of the options. It’s pretty loaded and that’s something that caught my attention. In your opinion, what would be a good price range for the vehicle considering it has average options and mileage?

If it hurts, it means it is helping :slight_smile:

Now we are talking.

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Consider a 1 pay? NJ 2017 E3004M 30 +/- mos remaining $480 mo One Pay. 12k mi per yr $63k MSRP w/ 4yr 40k PPM plus X-fer Fee

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I don’t know what options are super important to you, or how much work you want to put in to “hack” a lease on one of these cars. You can search for “E300 loaner” on this forum to see some impressive deals, many of which may be unattainable now due to changing monthly lease programs.

Just quickly looking at SAL, there’s this car which has an incentive offered and the seller might be negotiable to offering more. One could tell him this other car has a bunch more miles and prepaid maintenance for only $30/month more and ask whether he can increase his incentive. The latter car also has pano roof, btw. Or negotiate with the seller of the latter car to see if he will increase his incentive.

Thanks Mort. It sounds like an awesome deal overall, but I just bought a house and the one pay would kill me. I’ll check to see what type of interest rate my CU would give me on a personal loan, but I don’t it would be competitive considering it would in essence be a car loan.

Thanks Max. I was excited about the tech in the e class, but now I realize I just want leather, sunroof, and the same safety options that I have currently in my CTS. These 2 examples have everything I need, I’ll reach out to both sellers for more details.

Not to pile on but maybe mine? Haha. I’m in NJ.

One more pile on… mine is $452 a month, includes maintenance and a second set of tires. MSRP was $68, she’s fully loaded with leather and 4WD.

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The more the merrier! How much longer on the lease? Any pics?

Check my post below. I’ve got a couple exterior shots there. PM me with questions.

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