Good deal on BMW 320xi loaner?

I have an offer on a 2018 BMW 320xi loaner vehicle with a little under 2,000 miles, and had a couple questions for the group:

  1. Test driving the vehicle, there was a substantial issue with the brakes (vibration issue; likely a bad rotor). The dealer offered to replace all the pads and rotors prior to delivery, but should this be a red flag? I’ve never heard of rotor issues with so few miles on the car.

  2. In light of the above, are the lease terms offered reasonable? Should I be asking for a better discount off MSRP? Please note the dealer fees etc. have been factored into the cap cost.

  • M.S.R.P: $43,395
  • Selling Price: $37,498
  • Adjusted Cap Cost: $35,555
  • Residual: $26,249 (61%)
  • MF: 0.00156
  • Term: 36 months
  • Annual Mileage: 10,000
  • Monthly Payment: $377.52

The monthly payment includes all fees, that is, nothing is due up front except for the first month’s payment.

Many thanks for any and all advice.

It’s under 1%, but there are many better cars you can get with that payment. Are you dead set on how enjoyable the BMW was? Or just wanting the badge.

Alfa Romeo in the base trim will be around the same payment or less, but view a 320i out of that water in performance and looks

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Also, at the right time of year that car leases in the 200s. @MConte05 nailed it. Might even be able to get a Giulia Ti for those dollars. Maybe.

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Are Giulia deals even good now? I can’t find the conquest anymore

Don’t buy it if there are issues, it just not worth the time. 370 is way too high even assuming zero down.

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Still seeing dealers advertising the same price. We’ll see in a few days when more numbers start trickling in.