Good Deal on a Q7?


Looking at a 2019 Q7 2.0 Premium Plus.
MSRP - $61,490
Lease Price - $54,791.66
Residudal $33,204.60 (54% MSRP)
12,000/39 months
MF is 0.00148
I’m in NJ so tax is 6.625%

I am told I am getting an additional lease down incentive of $1,500 and $2,000 Comp/Loyalty Cash.

All in, the lease price is $698 per month with only first month payment ($698) due at signing.

First Audi lease. Having issues getting the calculator to work out perfectly. How am I doing?

Search the forums and do research. If you did you’d see that this is isn’t a good deal at 10% (as long as the $3500 isn’t included in the lease price). Id be pushing for 20% off MSRP before incentives and accept 15%. Also post in Edmunds to find the base MF and Residual rate for the Audi Q7. As the 2020’s are coming with a pretty significant Redesign.

Also look into getting AudiCare to get you a 1% bump in residual.

Also if you can do MSD’s it will lower your payment even more.

Just FYI Audis don’t lease particularly well, might want to look into a BMW X7.

Thanks for the information. I did do some looking around and I didn’t see anyone talking about 15-20% on a new car. Agree that the redesign is worth a discount.

I will look into AudiCare and MSDs for the bump. That is helpful.

It is worth noting that my deal included rolling NJ sales tax into payment and was for 12,000 miles a year. If you back the tax out and correct the miles, I thought I was pretty close to a lot of the August broker deals that were being advertised.

I would like an X7 (or even an X5 for that matter), but getting something like that (comparably equipped) for under $700 a month is beyond a unicorn.

Where are you getting the notion that 15% off MSRP is normal for an Audi non-demo?

Other than the A6 blowout a few months ago I don’t think that’s normal at all.


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Audis might not lease well, but it will definitely lease better than the X7.

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Got them down to $685 with $685 at signing (all N.J. taxes and fees included). Think I’m going to pull the trigger.

You have the sale price and all? Sounds like they’re going down an additional $500? If youre fine with the deal then that’s all that matters!

Going to get the sales price when I get there. Think it is a little over 11% pre incentives. I had 4 dealers say they would not do the deal so I’m happy where I’m at. Will try to post the final worksheet when I’m done.